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Migrating to the Next Generation of Railway Networks

Modern railway networks demand high reliability, availability, and cost-effectiveness. However, the conventional train communication networks (TCN) that are commonly available today use a mix of different proprietary technologies creates unnecessary costs, limits their bandwidth, and constrains their ability to improve passenger comfort and security.

Moxa's Complete and Industry-proven Network Solutions
Excel in Railway Applications

Moxa's railway solutions create high availability network infrastructures. Industrial Ethernet-based communications networks unlock new services, such as Passenger Entertainment Systems, that improve passenger comfort and enhance train operations. Wireless devices that support 802.11n communications allow the reliable, real-time delivery of video, voice and data streams, all with fast secure roaming to ensure seamless mobile connectivity.

Moxa's ioPAC series is an intelligent, programmable I/O controller that offers front-end data acquisition and monitoring for railway system onboard control or outdoor cabinets. Moxa's ready-to-run embedded computers come with innovative hard disk anti-vibration design and protocol integration to provide a steady and consistent platform for railway applications.

All of these solutions comply with strict railway standards and feature wide operating temperature with redundant power options to provide high reliability for railway applications, such as train-to-ground networks, wayside networks and monitoring, and rolling stock.

Core Competence
- EN50155/50121 compliant for railway markets
- Fast roaming and high throughput 802.11n solutions
- Easy IP configuration for hassle-free maintenance for reliable Ethernet train backbones
- Intelligent I/O controller with IEC 61131-3 programming
- Embedded computer with innovative hard disk anti-vibration

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